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Become a Santa Cruz Little League Umpire

If you are an existing umpire or at least 12 years old and interested in becoming an umpire, please complete this form to get added to our umpire distribution list. Once you indicate your interest we can include you in upcoming meetings and training sessions and get you into the process to be confirmed as an umpire. 

The League is in need of junior umpires as well as adult umpires. Even if you have no prior umpiring experience, we have resources, clinics and mentors who are here to help you get trained.

We are looking forward to a great season and to training our next generation of Santa Cruz Little League umpires!

Questions? Please email the SCLL Umpire-in-Chief at jasoncirillo (at) gmail (dot) com.

Umpire Clinics

Information on 2024 umpire training clinics can be found here.

Instructional Videos

2-Umpire Base Mechanics
Most regular season games are officiated by two umpires. This instructional video by California District 4 Little League explains, in depth, the basics of positioning and responsibilities of a base umpire.

Plate Umpire Basic Mechanics
For more experienced umpires who are ready to work behind the plate, this video teaches the basic mechanics and responsibilities of a plate umpire.

Umpire Uniform & Gear

Looking the part will earn you respect on the field even before the first pitch is thrown. It is highly recommended that umpires always arrive at each game in uniform, with a Santa Cruz Little League Umpire's Cap, umpire's shirt with Little League arm patch affixed (left), and charcoal gray slacks. Black turf shoes are also recommended when on bases, and plate shoes are recommended for more experienced plate umpires who would like to work higher levels (Majors and Intermediate).

NEW FOR 2024:
Junior Umpires are REQUIRED to wear a full ("hockey-style") helmet when behind the plate. Junior Umpires must not wear face-only masks.

A few tips:
- If you are a male umpire, always, always, always wear a cup behind the plate! 

- Never wear your cap backwards. A plate umpire should learn to put on and remove a face mask with the bill of their cap facing forward. This can be tricky at first. Here is an instructional video showing how to do this.
- Your shirt must be tucked in, and in colder weather, an umpire's pullover jacket is recommended. Alternately, you may want to wear a long-sleeve navy or black Under Armor undershirt.
- Experienced plate umpires always wear a chest protector and shin guards under their uniform. This is not necessary for Junior Umpires, but you'll look like a pro calling balls and strikes!

Resources for Gear
Santa Cruz Little League provides shirts and caps to all umpires. In addition, umpires can borrow gear on a per-game basis when they arrive at the park. Outer "balloon" chest protectors, inner "West Vest style" chest protectors, shin guards, B/S/O indicators, plate brushes and masks are all available.

If you wish to purchase your own gear, here are some resources:
Amazon - This link will take you to a wide variety of umpire gear on Amazon.
Play it Again Sports - Inventory varies throughout the year, but many items for umpires are often available.
Honig's - Top-quality pro equipment for sports officials.


The Official Little League Rulebook App - Absolutely necessary reading for every umpire. The app is now free, and you will have an up-to-date rulebook on your mobile device. Read it often!

Recommendations for the Rookie Umpire by Lawrence Dorsey

Self-Confidence and the Umpire by Joel Balberman
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