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Chem Cervantes with a 3 run bomb | May 29th 2019 playoffs

Home Run Club 2019

Email home runs to zackhill@mac.com (A homerun is either out of the park, or and inside the park with NO ERRORS)



Carlos Cruz-Mar Giants vs. Yankees April 13th 2019 Carlos sent one to the right field wall and tore around the bases for a clean inside the park homerun helping his Giants hold down a 11-10 win over the Yankees
August Swanson Yankees vs. A's April 14th 2019 August smoked a ball into the trees on Field 1 for a home run helping his team the Yankees win 9-6
August Swanson Yankees vs. Red Sox April 18th 2019 August his his second of the year, a no-doubter way out of field 1, dead center getting the Yankees on the board. Would be the only run scored in a 5-1 victory for the RedSox
August Swanson A's vs Yankees April 20th 2019

Number 3 in as many games. August hit a fastball to dead center wayyyy out. No doubter. A's prevailed in a good game with a win of 9-6

Kane Humeky AAA Red Sox vs Angels April 25th 2019

Kane hit an inside the park grand slam!

Caleb Cmaylo Majors D-Backs vs Yankees April 27th 2019 Caleb had a clean 2 run inside the parker to the wall in right center yesterday against the yankees helping the diamondbacks to a 9-5 victory.
August Swanson Majors Yankees vs D-Backs April 27th 2019 August Swanson hit his 4th homerun this year versus the D-Backs. A top spin laser that cleared the fence in Dead Center.
Chem Cervantes Majors A's verus Red Sox April 23rd 2019 Right field bomb into the trees
Chem Cervantes Majors A's verus Cubs April 28th 2019 Opposite field bomb to left center
Owen Rogers Majors Angels versus Athletics May 2nd 2019

Owen Rogers hit a towering shot over the center field wall in the 2nd inning of the Majors Angels verus the Athletics game on Field 1. It was his first of the year.

Chem Cervantes Majors A's versus Yankees May 6th 2019 Chem hit his third of the year, a grandslam blast to right field that was way outtahere!
August Swanson Yankees verus Angels May 13th 2019 August hit an inside the parker to the wall in a Yankees loss of 706 verus the Angels
Owen Rodgers Angels versus A's May 23rd 2019 Owen a two-strike pitch in the fifth inning over the right-center field wall for his second of the year, in a victory over the A's in the American League playoffs.
Chem Cervantes Majors A's versus Yankees May 29th 2019 Chem's 4th tied it up in the 2nd inning with a 3-run bomb in a Athletics win.