We are here to promote a love of baseball, provide instruction for improving skills appropriate to age level and to use Little League as a vehicle for teaching life lessons that will help in the development of healthy, happy, self confident adults.

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Season Logistics:  T-ball-aged kids are allowed to have no more than 3 events per week. These events include 2 games (1 week night, one on Saturday), and one practice. The practice is optional and it will be determined by each coach and team.


Please consider being an assistant coach or a team parent. You will hear more about these opportunities once teams are finalized.


Some T-Ball FAQs


Q:  When and where are practices?

A:  Setting up practices is at the discretion of the manger. Since the the-ball game format starts with 30-minutes of structured skill-building drills (in the form of stations for catching, throwing, hitting, fielding and running), practices are not mandatory. Speak with your coach/manger


Q:  How long does the season last?

A:  T-ball lasts ~10 weeks, no more than 12. First games will be held the week AFTER opening day, which is March 12.

Opening Day will also feature a clinic for all t-ball kids so that they can get an ide of the drills they will be participating in as part of each game they play.


Q: Where and when are games held?

A:  Games are held on Field 5, Harvey West Park from 4 pm - 6:30 pm  on Tuesdays, Thursdays and throughout the day on Saturdays (first game will start at 9am, last game at 12:30 pm). These are the only 2 formal events that SCLL organizes for T-ball each week.


Q: What if my team does not have a manager?

A:  What a great opportunity for you to step up and participate in your kids' T-ball experience. Please call or email me separately with questions or concerns.


Q: What equipment do I need to buy for my player?

A:  Your child should have a  glove and baseball pants, the color of which is picked by your team manager. While having matching socks and belt make for one sporty uniform, they are not necessary at this level. Your player will receive a hat and a jersey with a number on it. (No, you cannot preselect your jersey number). 


*Teams will also receive 4 shirts and 4 hats for coaches.


Q: I've heard of and have seen teams practicing already, why is my kid not practicing yet?

A:  The short answer is that there are simply NO FIELDS for t-ball.  Teams that are practicing are upper divisions such as Majors, AAA, etc. Secondly, due to the nature of the T-ball format (built in, structured skill development), practices are not necessary from a league perspective.  


You are encouraged to play with your player prior to their first game/practice/clinic, but since we are going to teach you all the SAME proven techniques for baseball skills development, there is no need to put in much effort other than familiarizing your child with common sense basics about Santa Cruz Little League baseball such as:  


--Where 1st, 2nd, 3rd base and home plate are located on the baseball diamond

--how to put a glove on, 

--how to wear your pants old school,

--the words to "Take me out the Ball Game"

--Where the Snack Shack is located

--The proper way to spit sunflower seeds, and, of course,

-- NEVER, EVER to root for the Dodgers, etc. 


If you know of any friends (neighborhood pals, carpool buddies, school mates) who are on the fence about t-ball registration, please encourage them to register NOW.


Please Note:  We have scholarships available for those families who may need them. No child will be turned away for lack of funding.